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Western Service Locators

Underground Service Locating Perth, WA

WSL locate underground services and utilities for your projects needs in Perth and across WA in accordance with Australian Standard AS5488-2013 (SUI), using electromagnetic detection and Ground Penetrating Radar techniques.

Depending on your project or site and what it is you’re trying to locate, we offer both Electromagnetic Locating and Ground Penetrating Radar services. 

Electromagnetic Locating (also known as Pipe & Cable Locating) is used for the location of live conductive services and mains, and is ideal for the location of:

      • Water
      • Telecommunications
      • Electrical
      • Gas and Fuel lines

Ground Penetrating Radar is one of the most advanced underground utility locating techniques when combined with electromagnetic locating.

It is used for the location and survey of conductive and non-conductive subsurface utilities and structures. It is the ideal way to locate:

      • Nylon Gas
      • VC Water Mains & Services
      • Underground Storage Tanks
      • Fuel Tanks
      • Fibre Optic Cables
      • Underground Structures
      • Road and Pavement Inspections
      • Voids & Cavities
      • Forensics
      • Sewer & Storm water


The utilities and services mapped and marked by WSL can all be reported on in an easy to understand photo report. The report includes visual representations/ photos and colour coding for ease of interpretation, as well as a detailed compilation of the data findings all to Australian standards of Classification of Subsurface Utility Information (SUI) AS 5488-2013.

No matter what your project WSL can provide an accurate, reliable and professional solution. 

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